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A Company Dedicated to Providing American Business With its Future Leaders(TM) Monday December 18, 2017



SOAR Solutions

Before we ever present you with a candidate we make sure we know what you need through our 5 step process:

  1. Conduct Initial Company Review
  2. Review Company Growth Plan
  3. Determine Human Capital Needs Required to Achieve Growth Plan
  4. Review Job Descriptions
  5. Identify Skill Sets of Top Performers

Once we have identified your requirements, we will then begin an aggressive search to find the Human Capital that will lead you towards the accomplishment of your business objectives.

We offer two customer centered methods of candidate presentation:

Focused Hiring Events:

Candidates brought to your facility for on-site interviews and location tours. The perfect opportunity to conduct all necessary interviewing, complete testing, and administer any drug/background tests. SOAR will coordinate all the logistics and even be present the day of the event to ensure an effective experience.

Individual Presentations:

Candidates presented to you as needed via e-mail. Ideal for higher skilled positions where initial interviews may be done over the phone prior to incurring travel expenses. All candidates will be fully briefed on the opportunity, have passed two SOAR screenings, fit within the prescribed salary range and geography, and be ready to interview.


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