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A Company Dedicated to Providing American Business With its Future Leaders(TM) Monday December 18, 2017

The SOAR Process

When you choose SOAR to lead you through your military transition from a junior military officer or enlisted technician into the corporate world, you are opening the door to some of the finest career opportunities available in American business. The companies we represent are continuously recognized by leading financial and business publications for their growth, profitability, work environment, and return to the community.

We offer career opportunities for military transition JMO's, ex military and enlisted technicians all across America with small privately owned companies, large publicly held companies and everything in between. With SOAR, you can expand your horizons by interviewing for several types of career placement opportunities with numerous companies. You are used to being a member of the finest organized military in the world. Would you settle for anything less in the company you choose to start your civilian career with?

From our initial meeting forward, we are dedicated to making our role in your military transition process a memorable one. The entire SOAR team has experienced, first hand, the same challenges that you are now facing. We know that we may not place every candidate we speak with in their initial civilian position; but we will leave a positive impression with every fellow military member that we have the pleasure to come into contact with. We all share a common bond that ties us together, regardless of rank, branch, or occupational specialty. It is that same bond that drives our dedication to serving your best interests.

Before we ever present you to a company, we make sure we know you by developing a Personal Candidate Profile:

  • Determine Transferable Skill Sets
  • Discuss Desired Corporate Culture or Environment
  • Refine Geographic Areas of Opportunity
  • Review Income Potential
  • Address Developmental Obstacles
  • Establish Timeline
What You Can Expect From SOAR:
  • Open communications
  • All calls and e-mails returned promptly
  • Our best effort to find your next career opportunity
  • Honesty and integrity in everything we do
What we will NOT do:
  • Send you unprepared on an interview 
  • Ask you to interview for an opportunity you are not interested in 
  • Direct you toward one opportunity over another for our own gain 
  • Require you to exclusively commit to SOAR as your sole resource 






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