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A Company Dedicated to Providing American Business With its Future Leaders(TM) Monday December 18, 2017

Rise Above The Crowd

Competition for jobs in the civilian sector is at an all-time high. And while military candidates are certainly appealing, you still must differentiate yourself. In today’s marketplace the way to land the position you want is to present your experience, skills, traits and achievements clearly and compellingly. And to conduct your job search with strategic, innovative personal marketing techniques.

The team at SOAR has partnered with HelpMeSellMe to work with you to identify your unique capabilities and attributes, your “value proposition”, and ensure you are delivering them effectively. With innovative, attention-getting materials you will stand apart from the competition and move more quickly to the job you want.

Complete the Resume Review form below and get personalized observations and recommendations for making your resume stand out and get you the attention you deserve 

Brand Yourself

Introducing the innovative BiograficTM, developed and designed for transitioning and former military professionals.

With its revolutionary approach to presenting your career history, capabilities and achievements, the BiograficTM uses graphics AND text to showcase your military and professional accomplishments, as well as your leadership and emotional intelligence. The professional design shows employers that you are innovative, fresh and current – all highly-desired traits in today’s competitive job market.

We offer 3 levels of service to suit your needs.
Resume Review

Receive at least five specific customized suggestions you can implement right away to make your resume stand apart.

Credited back if you choose a Power Resume Rewrite
Resume Rewrite
A rewrite of your resume to showcase your experience, skills and traits more clearly and compellingly, getting you the attention you deserve and positioning you as a lead candidate.
Power Resume Rewrite
Personal Branding
A rewrite of your resume, focusing on your essential value proposition and professional brand attributes, differentiating you in the marketplace and positioning you for the highest possible job and compensation, plus a Biografic and a consultation on your web-based profiles.
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